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Discovering Me - 2 years old to 3 years old 


This program inspires children to examine, create, and share as they broaden their language through interactions with teachers and classmates. Within our safe and nurturing environment, children participate in sensory and repetitive activities that allow them to grow and develop. 


Children at this age want to explore, touch and mimic their peers and teachers. As a result, Discovering Me curriculum focuses on language arts and literacy, mathematics, science, social and emotional development, gross and fine motor development and character education. Due to our small class sizes and encouraging atmosphere, your child has the opportunity to work at his/her own pace and learn to do tasks independently. 


In Urban Kids Montessori Toddler Program, your child will expereince various areas of development that includes:


Communication Skills – Between the age of 2 and 3, children’s vocabulary can grow to nearly 300 words. As a result, Urban Kids teacher’s provides children with the resources and tools needed to communicate within the classroom. Children are encouraged to identify common objects and speak short sentences.


Self-Help Skills – Discovering Me curriculum has been developed to empower your child. It increases each child’s independence as they are introduced to fundamentals of hygiene and they accomplish basic self-help tasks. Teacher’s provide your child the opportunity to master such skills through repetition and an encouraging environment.


Emotional Skills – Our Toddler Program allows your child to express his/her emotions in healthy and safe ways. Caring teacher’s will show children different ways to convey their emotions, from sadness and frustration, to happiness and joy.


Social Skills – People skills is great area of emphasis in our Discovering Me curriculum. As a result, your child is progressively encouraged to become aware of other children in the classroom and engage in group play. In addition, children in our Toddler Program will learn how to engage in various social play activities like acting out stories and play house. Such simple activities prepare your child for their future preschool years, where children’s social skills are much more developed.


Physical Skills – Urban Kids Montessori incorporates a range of activities into its Discovering Me curriculum to address both gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Children at this age are encouraged in both indoor and outdoor play to jump, hop, walk and run to strengthen muscles and learn more about their bodies. In the classroom, your child will participate in finger painting, making collages, and creating with clay.


Cognitive Skills – In our Discovering Me curriculum, your child is prompted to become even more aware of their surrounding environment and is invited to question and solve problems. Our teacher’s prepare our classrooms to have your child distinguish between textures, identify shapes and colours, and begin sequential counting.


Urban Kids Montessori is proud to offer curriculum that involves six key areas of study. Within each one of our five programs, a distinct collection of these will be found to help your child prepare for future endeavors, whether it be an educational or athletic passion, or both. 

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Play, learn and grow together. 

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