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Reading & Writing 


Reading and writing are two essential skills that your child will perfect at Urban Kids. Being a primary area of study at our Montessori, reading and writing has been expertly incorporated into our programs to give your child the opportunity to study and excel in language, literacy, and communication skills. Continuously exposed to phonetic sounds of letters, reading and grammar activies, and award-winning children's literature reveals our Montessori's commitment to academic quality. As a result of our small class sizes, our teacher's are able to spend more time with your child to give them the tools and resources to become the thinkers and influencers of tomorrow. 



Appropriately designed for your child's success, Urban Kids Montessori curriculum provides a thorough and hands-on introduction to mathematics. Teacher's progressively incoporate mathemtical concepts into the classrroom which includes shape and number identification, counting, and sequential work. Priding ourselves for our encouraging classroom environment, your child works both individually and collaboratively to solve math problems without teachers. Committed to your child's future, we prepare each child for their elementary school math classes by revealing appropriate study skills that allow your child to achieve his/her highest academic potential. 



Our Montessori is committed to expose and teach your child about the world they live in. Various exercises are incorporated into Urban Kids curriculum to educate your child about the weather, plants and animals, the solar-system, human body, and various textures. Along with these classroom activities, your child has the opportunity to participate in simple science experiments as well as field trips which acquaint children to science vocabulary and experts of the field. 

Raising Hands

French or Spanish


Our teachers at Urban Kids Montessori expose your child to a second language through songs, short-stories, and other interactive classroom activites. Our Montessori has strategically incorporated languages into our programs because we are committed to optimizing your child's learning potential. The gift of language is an investment that lasts a lifetime! Such curriculum enriches the lives of young learners and prepares them for future endeavours by expanding their world view, enhancing their appreciation and sensitivity towards other cultures, gives them the ability to learn new languages with greater ease, and, finally, provides them with a competitive edge in the future global marketplace. 



Our Montessori's commitment to higher academic quality is revealed in our music curriculum. Guided by professionals who love this field, Urban Kids music class is an introduction to various instruments, singing, rhythm, and beat expression. Your child will gain greater music appreciation and will have the opportunity to perfect his/her listening skills. Integrating music into our encouraging classrooms allows your child to develop his/her imagination, creativity, and expression, and inspires the Mozart's of the future. 



Being the first Montessori in the lower mainland to offer yoga to young children, Urban Kids has collaborated with our yoga teachers to develop and perfect its yoga curriculum. Our yoga classes develop body awareness, language, good listening skills, cooperation and powers of observation. It teaches young children about nature, their environment, and inspires their imaginations. This nourishing atmosphere encourages children to relax and have fun while they develop not only strength, coordination, flexibility and balance, but also body awareness, better focus and concentration, and self confidence.




Physcial activity is recognized as an essential aspect of our lives. For this reason, Urban Kids has incorporated Fitness & Yoga curriculum for your child to achieve healthy habits at a young age. Participating in both indoor and outdoor play, your child will achieve gross motor skills and will experience muscle development. Additionally, our curriculum is organized so that your child is introduced to numerous team sports and has the opportunity to stengthen his/her listening skills by following game rules.

Play, learn and grow together. 

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