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Half Day Preschool

I Can Do It - 3 years old to 4 years old 


Preschool education at Urban Kids Montessori is an excellent way to prepare your child for kindergarten. This program incorporates a well balanced curriculum of learning and fun that gives your child a happier, healthier, and more well-rounded foundation for the future. 


The I Can Do It Preschool curriculum is a planned program which is separated into thematic units. In the classroom, teacher's encourage and guide your child to make discoveries for themselves. This approach allows your child to experience greater independence and become more confident in their studies. 

Our Montessori's Preschool program focuses on your child’s primary areas of development that include: language arts and literacy, mathematics, science, social and emotional development, gross and fine motor development and character education. As a result, your child is exposed to a higher academic quality that he/she deserves. 


This program is designed to give your child the opportunity to participate in activities such as: recognizing print through learning center signs; dramatic play; practice counting beads or blocks; learning about people, plants and animals; participating in activities with their peers; practicing balance, jumping and throwing; participate in family style dining and learn about patience.


In Urban Kids Montessori Preschool Program, your child will expereince various areas of development that includes:


Communication and Language Development – At our Montessori, we recognize that communication involves more than just speaking; it is an expression of thoughts, wants, and needs. Even more importantly, communication entails listening and understanding what others say. As a result, I Can Do It curriculum teaches your child these important elements of communication. It gives your child the opportunity to practice and express his/her skills with friends and teachers of the classroom. Additionally, teachers will bring award-winning literature along with other language activities to enhance your child’s literacy skills.


Social and Emotional Development – Urban Kids Preschool Program entails a wide range of activities that are designed to increase your child’s independence and become more confident in his/her skills and talents. Additionally, our I Can Do It curriculum introduces responsibility to show your child how to positively help friends and teachers in the classroom.


Physical Skills – In our Preschool Program, your child will be exposed to numerous fitness activities like Yoga, dance, playground games, and other fitness classes. As a result, gross motor skills and fine motor skills will be gained. Aside from our fitness curriculum, your child will also enhance such skills in the classroom where they will practice scissor skills, printing and colouring, finger painting, sculpting with clay, and taking part in finger plays.


Cognitive Development – Problem solving and logical thinking are major cognitive skills that our teachers focus on in our Preschool Program. Being exposed to new tasks, your child will be encouraged and guided to use resources to explore his/her creativity and curiosity. Specifically, building a city of blocks, using our Montessori materials, and answering questions about award-winning literature are just some of the exercises your child will participate in.


Math and Science Skills Development – To prepare your child for their future in elementary school, our Montessori’s I Can Do It curriculum immerses your child in math and science tasks. For example, completing sequential exercises, identifying shapes and numbers, and participating in simple science experiments are some of the opportunities your child will have. Urban Kids Montessori’s Preschool Program reveals our commitment to higher academic quality where professionals from the field of science are invited into our classroom to give your child the opportunity to fall in love with learning.  


Urban Kids Montessori is proud to offer curriculum that involves six key areas of study. Within each one of our five programs, a distinct collection of these will be found to help your child prepare for future endeavors, whether it be an educational or athletic passion, or both. 


Play, learn and grow together. 

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