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All Day Preschool

On My Way - 3 years old to 4 years old 


The All Day Preschool curriculum is a planned program of thematic units. Each theme is built upon a series of hands-on activities, which are integrated throughout all subject areas and learning centers. Children will learn math, science, vocabulary, and social skills.


Due to our Montessori's small class sizes, your child can fulfill his/her eagerness to learn new things by interacting with teachers and classmates on a daily basis. Due to this personal approach, your child is immersed into an encouraging class atmosphere that, in turn, allows each child to succeed in his/her academic studies. 

Our On My Way curriculum focuses on developing your child’s skills in several areas including: language arts and literacy, mathematics, science, social and emotional development, gross and fine motor development and character education. As a result, your child is equipped with the appropriate tools and resources to be the thinkers and leaders of tomorrow. 

Our All Day Preschool classroom activities include: reciting poems and sharing stories, measuring things, identifying differences in the seasons, beginning to identify their feelings, experiencing Family Style Dining, climb up the ladder or go down the slide on age-appropriate playgrounds.


In Urban Kids Montessori All Day Preschool Program, your child will expereince various areas of development that includes:


Communication and Language Development – Urban Kids All Day Preschool Program incorporates a wide range of activities that promote literacy skills. Such activities include exposure to award-winning children literature, alphabet letter recognition, phonics, comprehension, and reading and grammar activities. For this reason, your child will grow to love reading and writing and will be prepared to his/her future academic endeavors.


Social and Emotional Development – Our On My Way curriculum has been appropriately designed to enhance your child’s independence and find a love for learning. Such objectives are achieved in our classrooms where our small class sizes give every child the opportunity to work one-on-one with teachers. This approach builds your child’s confidence in his/her talents and abilities and encourages them to explore and discover new skills.


Physical Skills – In our All Day Preschool Program, your child will be exposed to numerous fitness activities like Yoga, dance, playground games, and other fitness classes. As a result, gross motor skills and fine motor skills will be gained. Aside from our fitness curriculum, your child will also enhance such skills in the classroom where they will practice stacking small blocks, writing their names, and finger painting.


Cognitive Development – At Urban Kids Montessori, your child will be exposed to numerous educational resources and study tools. As our teachers help your child become acquainted with appropriate study skills, your child will be encouraged to recite finger plays and nursery rhymes, retell stories in their own words, and question, compare, and explore their ideas and opinions.


Math and Science Skills Development – To prepare your child for their future in elementary school, our Montessori’s On My Way curriculum immerses your child in math and science tasks. For example, completing sequential exercises, identifying shapes and numbers, and participating in simple science experiments are some of the opportunities your child will have. Urban Kids Montessori’s All Day Preschool Program reveals our commitment to higher academic quality where professionals from the field of science are invited into our classroom to give your child the opportunity to fall in love with learning.  



Urban Kids Montessori is proud to offer curriculum that involves six key areas of study. Within each one of our five programs, a distinct collection of these will be found to help your child prepare for future endeavors, whether it be an educational or athletic passion, or both. 

Play, learn and grow together. 

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