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Parent Resources 


This page holds a collection of resources for your reference. By clicking on the resource title, you will be directed to the relevant website.

The Affordable Child Care Benefit is a monthly provincial government payment to help eligible families with the cost of child care. The monthly payment is determined by factors like income, family size, and type of care determine how much support families can get. 

The Centre for Child Development connects families with community leaders to solve the issues facing children and families. Their professionals include: paediatric psychologists, family service and key workers, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, physiotherapists, early childhood educators, supported child development specialists, recreation specialists, dietician, doctor, victims services workers, social workers and police.

Child Care Resource and Referral is a program of Options Community Services for parents and child care providers in the communities of Delta, Surrey and White Rock.

Empowering Parents is an online resource that provides parents with tools to manage the most difficult problems: disrespect, defiance, backtalk, lying, laziness, motivation, and much more.

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